Thule 2 Bike Platform Hitch Bike Rack Review

Thule Hitch Bike Rack is also a good choice if you are looking for a bicycle rack for cars. It offers a mixture of convenience and quality performance for both professional and casual riders. The hitch bike rack from Thule has a bike tray that gives full strength and protection against rust from below. It comes with a smooth ratcheting secure hook supports on top to hold two bikes firmly and keep them from getting any scratches during transport.

Thule 2 Bike Platform Hitch Bike Rack Review

Additional features we love are its hitch model receivers specific to 11/4 in or 917XTR T2 and 2in or 916XTR T2. It is also compatible with 20in-29in bike wheel diameter that has up to 3in wide tires. It serves to lock the bike to the rack securely as well making the rack lock to the vehicle. It can accommodate until 4 bikes for the 2in 916XTR T2 model.

The secure hook of Thule Hitch Bike Rack is so cool because it secures the cable lock without making any frame contact. It comes with an adjustable wheel strap that secures quickly the back wheel to the tray. The combination of the wheel tray and secure hook provides easy loading and unloading of bikes with less lifting for more convenience.

We also like this bike rack because it protects the bikes that are mounted on it from thieves with its multi-tiered locking system, which comes with an integrated cable. It locks bikes securely to your car. The snug title lock also helps in eliminating the hitch carrier movement.

The hitch bike rack switch feature provides a unique leaning and folding functionality. The pin based mechanism, located at the base of this bicycle rack for car, allows the flexibility of folding the bike trays when not in use. It also locks them securely in place.

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